Special Meetings

Public Hearings

Public hearings are required by the Ohio Revised Code or City Code for certain proposed changes to the City Code (local laws or regulations), the sale or purchase of public property, and other issues as determined by City Council. Public hearings provide an opportunity for citizens' views to be heard. For zoning related issues, notices to adjacent residents are mailed by the City and public hearings are advertised in newspapers of general circulation (Cincinnati Enquirer or Loveland Herald). For all other hearings, notice is provided in the legal section of the Cincinnati Enquirer or Loveland Herald newspapers. Notices are also posted on the City's webpage. Any resident or affected citizen may attend and speak at a public hearing.

Anyone with a disability requiring assistance for participation at a public hearing should notify the Clerk of Council one week prior to the meeting so the City can make appropriate accommodations.

Executive Sessions

Executive sessions are closed meetings of City Council, which may be held only for purposes specifically provided by law, such as: discussion of personnel matters, purchase or sale of property, pending or imminent litigation, and consultation with legal counsel. No formal action is taken in an executive session.

Work Sessions

Work sessions are meetings of the full Council to discuss matters coming before the Council, which allow more time for in-depth discussion of an issue than would normally be available during regular Council sessions. No formal action is taken in a work session.

All meetings or sessions of Council, other than executive sessions, are open to the public.