City Council Goals

City Council goals are established at an open work session with Council members and City staff. These goals are set to shape the Loveland community's future and protect the community's assets. Council's current goals, which were established in Resolution 2016-23, are as follows:

Short Term Goals

The following are hereby established as goals for the City of Loveland for the next two years:

  1. Provide stable and reliable infrastructure. Utilizing available, relevant, data create an annual road maintenance program which prioritizes funding and activities. Included within this goal is the need to maintain fiscally responsible enterprise funds, address critical traffic issues by working with our neighbors and partners to develop long term traffic solutions.
  2. Contribute to the economic vitality of Loveland by developing plans for the best use of City-owned properties. Capitalize on current downtown development activities by considering alternative locations and costs associated with moving City Hall. Additionally, the City shall identify and complete needed steps towards the development of the City owned Chestnut Street Property.
  3. Improve the financial stability of Loveland. Through the development of a compliance strategy, and needed amendments to the Income Tax Ordinance, improve knowledge about tax obligations, income tax collections, and compliance among residents and businesses. In addition to upgrades to tax compliance, the City will identify all available revenue streams including an asset management review while seeking cost reductions associated with City operations.
  4. Update the Comprehensive/Master Plan to continue to set the framework for the physical development of the City. Update the City's 2002 Comprehensive Plan creating a framework for the future of the City including potential expansions of the Commerce Park and the future of the Riverside Drive corridor. Enhance the City's commercial growth by working with state officials towards the development of an entertainment district. Explore funding opportunities for the expansion of a pedestrian/bicycle path from the Loveland Madeira Road corridor into downtown.

Long Term Goals

The following are hereby established as long term goals for the City of Loveland that identifies the ongoing core operational values of the City:

  1. Achieve and maintain financial stability through prioritized budgeting and devotion of resources to enterprise funds and safety staffing while also growing the tax base and identifying other sources of revenue. Through economic development, develop the tax base assuring the City of Loveland's financial stability is achieved and maintained without the need for additional taxes.
  2. Maintain quality City infrastructure by prioritizing road maintenance and self-sufficient enterprise funding.
  3. Complete and update the Comprehensive Plan with long term visions for the City without losing the charm that attract many to the City of Loveland.