Free Tree Giveaway

The City of Loveland is giving away free trees! 

Because of the benefits that trees provide, the City of Loveland is offering a Free Tree Giveaway to residents in 2022. The city will give away 100 trees as an investment in the city's tree canopy. 

Beginning in early spring, residents can request up to two trees per household via an online reservation system. Orders will be accepted until all trees are reserved. Trees will be available for pick up in October, and residents are responsible for planting and caring for the trees on their own. 


Why Free Trees?

Does a free tree sound too good to be true?! The Tree & Environment Committee has rounded up the reasons why trees benefit the whole community:

  • These trees have high survival rates because of a resident's time investment (requesting the tree, picking up the tree, planting the tree, watering the tree, etc.)
  • Tree giveaways naturally promote biological diversity because the residents requesting trees are scattered across the city. Different species can be offered in the program each year, which will lead our urban forest to naturally diversify.
  • Tree species diversity is the only way to protect against the next pest or disease invasion (i.e. Asian Longhorn Beetle).
  • Giveaways help diversify the age of the city's urban forest. Just think — you are helping to add 100 new, young trees! This helps prevent widespread tree canopy loss due to old age.

2022 Tree Options

Three species are part of this year's giveaway. It is important to request a tree that is the right match for your property.

Residents may select up to two trees per household. If two trees are requested, the two trees must be of different species, if possible, to increase biological diversity.

Upper Story Trees

These are for sites WITHOUT overhead wires. These are considered to be "shade" trees. Two species will be offered:

Black Cherry: This tree features white flowers in early spring. At maturity, it should reach 50-60 ft. in height and 20-30 ft. in width.

Black Cherry

Swamp White Oak: Contrary to its name, this tree thrives in both swampy settings AND suburban settings with compacted soil. Swamp White Oak is known for its attractive peeling bark and gold leaves in autumn. At maturity, it should reach 50-60 feet in height and 50-60 feet in width.Swamp White Oak

Low Growing Trees

These are for sites WITH overhead wires. One species will be offered:

Shadblow Serviceberry(Also called Canadian Serviceberry) This is a small tree that can range from 15-25 feet tall. It offers white flowers in spring.

Shadblow Serviceberry

Photos courtesy of and The Mortem Arboretum.

How to Order

Residents can request up to two trees per household. Orders are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Once all 100 trees are reserved for the giveaway, the order form will be closed.

All trees have been reserved, and the 2022 reservation period has been closed. Thank you for your interest. 

Picking Up My Tree

  • Trees will be available for pick up in October 2022.
  • Trees are approximately 4-6 feet tall.
  • Trees come in 5-7 gallon containers and weigh approximately 10 pounds each.
  • The city will send residents an email confirmation to verify the pick-up location, date, and times.
  • The homeowner is responsible for picking up the tree and planting it. Trees that are not picked up will be planted on city property.

Planting My Tree

Before digging, the city recommends that residents should contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) to verify where gas, electric, and other utilities cross your property. Call (800) 362-2764 or 8-1-1 or visit e-dig to request a free visit. 

Planting Resources

How to Plant Containerized Trees (PDF)

How to Plant Balled & Burlapped Trees (PDF)