Comprehensive Master Plan

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The City of Loveland is currently creating a Comprehensive Master Development Plan. Under the guidance of Comprehensive Master Development Plan Steering Committee and the consulting firm of McBride, Dale, Clarion, the plan for the future of the City of Loveland will be accomplished.

A vital part of the plan is the revitalization of the Loveland-Madeira Road Corridor. The area has potential to become a catalyst for more bike and pedestrian connectivity.

The Comprehensive Master Development Plan Steering Committee has prepared several concepts for the use of vacant land and the installment of safe and convenient pathways along Loveland-Madeira Road

Other documents from previous meetings can be found below:

PROPOSED DRAFT - Comprehensive Master Development Plan

Future land Use Map (draft)

Future Land Use Opportunity Areas (draft)

Loveland-Madeira Road Corridor (draft)

Loveland-Madeira Rd - Chestnut Street Survey

Commerce Park Survey

Public Survey Results


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    Tom Smith

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