Comprehensive Master Plan

Meeting PixThe City of Loveland is currently underway with the preparation of Comprehensive Master Development Plan. Under the guidance of Comprehensive Master Development Plan Steering Committee and the consulting firm of McBride, Dale, Clarion, the plan for the future of the City of Loveland will begin to unfold.

The Comprehensive Master Development Plan Steering Committee consists of a variety of Loveland residents and business owners. The member of the committee are:

  1. Chair, John Hart, Loveland School District 
  2. Vice Chair, Tim Butler, Council Member
  3. Secretary, Sherry Hamlin, resident
  4. Dave Fagin, Owner Snap! Advertising
  5. Peter Sexton, Owner Sexton Creative
  6. Sam David, Owner LaRosas Pizza
  7. Dianne Powers, Planning Consultant
  8. David Scott, Financial Planner
  9. Jay Stewart, Planning Consultant
  10. Lynn Zuch, Planning Consultant

As the planning process kicks off, your participation in a brief eleven question Googledocs survey will significantly aid in the development of the City’s Comprehensive Master Development Plan. The survey can be found at: This survey is one of many future attempts, including additional surveys, public meetings, focus groups, and open houses to foster greater public involvement in the creation of this very important plan that can shape the future of the City of Loveland.

  1. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith

    Assistant City Manager