Trash and Recycling

The City of Loveland contracts with Rumpke for the provision of curbside trash and recycling collection.

Trash Removal

The city contracts with Rumpke for trash collection for its residents. One wheeled trash cart is included in the monthly rate. 

If you do not have a trash cart at your residence, please call the City of Loveland Utilities Department at (513) 707-1451 to have one ordered for you. If you need additional trash carts, they can be leased or purchased by calling Rumpke at (513) 242-4600.

Curbside RecyclingRecycling Container

The City of Loveland and Rumpke provide each residence with one 65-gallon recycling cart, free of charge. The recycling carts are designed for use with the automated collection system and provide each residential household the opportunity to reduce landfill waste. They are collected once per week on the same day as trash collection.

If you do not have a recycling cart at your residence, wish to have a smaller cart, or wish to lease additional carts, you may call Rumpke directly at (513) 851-0122 (ext. 3633) to have one delivered to your home. 

Why Recycle?

1. Recycling conserves resources
2. Recycling saves energy
3, Recycling helps protect the environment
4. Recycling reduces landfill 

Please visit for additional information regarding services.

Missed Pick-Up

If your trash or recycling was not picked up on your scheduled day, please contact the City of Loveland Utilities Department at (513) 707-1451 to report it.


Trash and recycling carts are imprinted with a serial number and assigned to a specific address. If you move, please leave them at the property for use by the next resident.