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Parade Registration - Independence Day

  1. City of Loveland Parade Registration Form
  2. The parade will be held on July 4. 

    • Line up at 6 p.m.
    • Line up location: Loveland Elementary School (600 Loveland-Madeira Road) 
    • Parade begins at 7 p.m.
    • Parade Route: North on Loveland-Madeira Road, East on W. Loveland Avenue, Disband at the intersection of SR 48 and W. Loveland Avenue
    • Deadline for applications: June 20
    • Applicants will receive an email with lineup instructions and final details: June 30 

    Questions? Call or email Misty Clark:
    (513) 707-1437

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  5. Will you have a vehicle to carry you in the parade, or will you be walking?*
  6. Include drivers, performers, spotters, etc.

  7. Will your parade entry play live/recorded music?*
    • The City of Loveland shall not be liable for loss of personal property, personal injury, or other damages involving a parade participant or participant’s agents and employees.
    • Parade entries must follow the direction of all parade officials. 
    • Entries must be appropriate for a FAMILY AUDIENCE. No offensive materials. 
    • Improper use of the American flag is not permitted. Proper use of the American flag is based on U.S. Flag policy set forth in the U.S. Code. 
    • All wheels of motorized vehicles must stay in contact with the ground at all times. NO WHEELIES. 
    • There shall be NO SMOKING allowed on any entry, and no person shall cause or permit open flames upon or within the area of any entry including open fires, torches, matches, flame throwing, fire starters lanterns and no burning of any object is permitted. 
    • The drinking, display or possession of alcoholic beverages, or other intoxicants or controlled substances, is absolutely prohibited. City ordinances and state laws will be enforced. 
    • The display or discharge of real or facsimile firearms, fireworks or other explosive devices is prohibited, other than official parade color guard, active military, and uniformed law enforcement. Violators will be prosecuted. 
    • NO THROWING OF ANY ITEMS FROM MOVING VEHICLES. Any entry wishing to distribute candy, balloons or small items MUST have a person walk alongside of the moving vehicle or entry to hand out such items. 
    • The throwing of any object or substance, or spraying of any liquid, INCLUDING WATER, into the crowd is prohibited. 
    • MIND THE GAP! Please keep pace with the parade. Gaps create a potential safety hazard. 
    • We encourage you to designate group members as "spotters" to walk alongside the group to help keep pace and watch for potential safety hazards. 
    • The city reserves the right to refuse any entry from starting the parade, or to remove any entry after it has started, if any of these rules and regulations are violated.
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