Traffic Signal Boxes

The Arts Commission is leading a public art project to decorate traffic signal boxes throughout the city. In the spring, the Commission hosts a contest seeking original designs to be applied onto vinyl wraps. Each wrap is expected to last three years and then can be replaced with a new design. 

Installed Traffic Boxes

Traffic box with vinyl wrap

Name: Trail Town Backpack

Installation: 2023

Location: Intersection of West Loveland Avenue & Karl Brown Way

Artist: Katie Burgin

Medium: Adobe Photoshop

From the creeks and rivers, to the local shops filled with original creations, and the feeling of community through local events... Loveland's sense of adventure and creativity is contagious and hard to ignore. The design illustrates adventure and the life we create from the experiences we have along the way. Life is truly about the journey, and Loveland is the destination from which adventure begins!

Traffic Signal Box Peter Sexton

Name: Bicycles

Installation: 2022

Location: Intersection of West Loveland Avenue & State Route 48 (Near Graeter's) 

Artist: Peter Sexton

Medium: Adobe Illustrator

The bold imagery is designed to represent the river, bike trail, school colors, and diversity. 

Traffic Box with vinyl wrap

Name: Sweetheart Bright

Installation: 2023

Location: Intersection of West Loveland Avenue & South Lebanon Road

Artist: Dianne Bomar

Medium: Derwent Inktense Watercolors, QoR Golden Watercolors & Sakura Pigment Pen

Loveland, the "Sweetheart of Ohio," shines so bright in the hearts of those who love her.

2024 Call for Art - Coming Soon

Submit your design! 

Residents of Hamilton, Warren and Clermont County, Ohio, are encouraged to apply. No age limit. Open to individual artists - please no organizations and/or artist groups/collaborations. All imagery must be of original design and not a copy or variation of another artist’s design in any medium. Artists may submit up to 3 designs to be considered.

The Arts Commission encourages submissions of Loveland-specific artworks that will make these traffic control boxes purely “Loveland.”

Selected artist designs will be printed onto a vinyl wrap, and applied to the traffic boxes by the City of Loveland in 2024. A $1,000 honorarium will be awarded for use of each design. 

2024 Deadline Coming Soon

Designs that are computer-designed or scanned from illustrations, paintings, quilts, mosaic, photographed sculptures, photographs, or other should be prepared for the selection process as 4” tall by 9” wide JPEG images at 300 dpi. 

Download Rules & Image Guidelines (PDF)

Signal Box Rough Specs (PDF)