Main & Chestnut Street Project

Location: Main, Chestnut, Wall, and Hill Street                        Location Map: Project Map

Contractor: Ford Development                                               City Contact: Cindy Klopfenstein, City Engineer, (513) 707-6114

Project Cost: $1,168,000                                                          Sign Up For Project Alerts: Click Here

Letter to Property Owners: Click Here

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Project Scope: The total cost of the project is $1,168,000, and the city has entered into a contract with Ford Development Corporation. The scope of work includes replacing the 4" cast iron water main, storm sewer improvements, and repaving on Main St., Chestnut St., S. Wall St., and Hill St. The project also includes a complete replacement of the traffic signal at Wall St. and W. Loveland Ave., and upgrades to radar vehicular detection and GPS pre-emption there and at the traffic signal at Main St. and Loveland-Madeira Rd. Duke Energy will have some utility pole replacements on the north side of W. Loveland Ave. at Wall St. to raise overhead lines in May-June, prior to the City's project start date. Riverside Drive will be temporarily closed Oct. 11-15 to allow crews to tap into the main. 

Important Project Dates: The contractor is expecting to commence the project on Monday, October 11, 2021.