Loveland U

Loveland U

In Loveland U Citizens' Leadership Academy, you will encounter an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Loveland community. Participants will obtain first-hand knowledge and provide valuable input and feedback into the issues, plans, and activities in the community.

Each session will analyze areas of community concern, provide opportunities for open dialogue among participants with diverse perspectives, examine leadership styles, and ultimately establish a new network of community trustees committed to the greater good.

Loveland U is an adult learning environment with practical exercises that help relate a topic to real world experiences by identifying an issue, educating on how one might address it, and then allowing teams of participants to apply their knowledge with minimal lecture time.

Gain a "Behind the Scenes" Look at Loveland

Loveland U runs from September through November in evening sessions. Sessions are held weekly and last approximately three hours each, including a meal.

Participants will experience:

  • 10 unique sessions
  • Guest speakers
  • Off-site tours
  • Debates, deliberations & discussions
  • Interactive simulation exercises

2023 Schedule

Application Deadline: June 30 

  • Loveland Museum Center - September 6
  • Loveland Police - September 13
  • Little Miami Conservancy - September 20
  • Loveland-Symmes Fire Dept. - September 30
  • Building & Zoning Dept. - October 4
  • Loveland Stage Company - October 11
  • City Council/Finance Dept. - October 18
  • Loveland City Schools - October 25
  • Public Works - November 1
  • Graduation - November 8

Apply Today!

A $99 fee will offset the cost associated with materials and meals at all sessions and shows us you value your commitment to the program. 

In the interest of fostering diverse perspectives and enhancing participants’ experience, candidates are selected to achieve a balanced class. You must be at least 18 years of age. You must live or work in the City of Loveland to be eligible, or you may be a member of a civic organization based in Loveland.  

Loveland U 2024 Application (Online)

Loveland U 2023 Brochure

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