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Accident Reports, Loveland Police Department 

Accident reports may be acquired without charge from the Loveland Safety Center (126 South Lebanon Road) between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday or by clicking here.

Animal, Road Kill

The Department of Public Works will pick up road kill on City streets only. Dead animals on streets not in the City should be referred to the appropriate township. Dead animals on private property are the responsibility of the property owner to discard.

Animal Complaints, Dogs

The Loveland Police Department will respond to loud dogs, vicious dogs or other similar animal complaints. For non-emergency response, call Northeast Communications at 513-677-7000.

Animal Complaints, Injured

The Loveland Police Department will respond to resident concerns about distempered raccoons and wounded deer. These animals are typically destroyed. The Loveland Police Department will not remove a carcass from private property, but will see that a carcass in the public right-of-way be removed.

Animal Complaints, Wild 

The Loveland Police Department does not trap, kill or remove wild animals e.g. deer, fox, coyote. Residents with deer, fox, raccoon or coyote complaints should contact the Ohio Department of Natural Resources at 800-WILDLIFE (or 800-945-3543). Loveland is located in District 5. (Visit their website or send them an email). If the wild animal is aggressive, the Loveland Police Department should be contacted to ensure a coordinated response or an emergency response.