Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail

Loveland is arguably the most active stop along ODNR's Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail. If you are paved path surrounded by trees and wooden fencea runner, biker, or avid dog-walker, this is a trail you can’t miss!

Loveland to Milford is 9.5 miles and Loveland to Morrow is 13.5 miles. For more information, visit the Little Miami Bike Trail website. The trail maintenance is assisted by the Friends of the Little Miami State Park

The Little Miami Scenic Trail is more than 78 miles long, starting at Springfield in Clark County and ending at the Little Miami Golf Center in Newtown of Hamilton County.

Cities along the trail include: Yellow Springs, Xenia, Corwin, Oregonia, Morrow, Foster, Loveland, Milford, and Terrace Park.