Construction Projects

2018 Construction Projects

Annual Road Program– The annual road program was budgeted to have $499,045 in 2018.  There was also $93,750 budgeted for repaving parking lots in multiple public parks.  A construction project contract combining the two items were awarded to J.K. Meurer Corp. The roadways planned for resurfacing include Arcaro Dr., Bold Forbes Rd., Cannonade Dr., Citation Ct., Cordero Tr., Nimrod Blvd., Pincay Ct., Pintail Dr., Riva Ridge Ct., Shoemaker Dr., Sinclair Ct., Thorobred Rd., Vanderbilt Dr., Wheaton Ct., Whirlaway Ter., as well as a segment of Kerr Cemetery Rd.  Partial pavement repairs will also be made on Bridle Ln.  Construction on the public streets are anticipated to take place over the summer.  On-street parking restrictions and minor traffic delays are expected.  The construction contract will include an option for a second program year renewal.

Parking Lot Resurfacing- A total of $93,750 was budgeted for resurfacing parking lots at various City parks. The parking lots resurfaced are located in Phillips, McCoy, and Betty Ray Parks. Parking lot resurfacing work was bid and awarded as a part of the above-referenced road program contract with J.K. Meurer Corp.  The scope of this work was completed this spring.

West Loveland Ave. at Loveland-Madeira Rd. Traffic Signal Improvements- The City of Loveland has budgeted $205,000 for construction improvements to the traffic signal at W. Loveland Ave. and Loveland-Madeira Rd. for 2018. The intersection will receive replacements of the controller, wiring, and other features, as well as an upgrade to radar vehicular detection capability and decorative poles. TEC Engineering began the traffic study and timing plan in 2017 in anticipation of this project. The project has been awarded to Elex, Inc., with construction planned to begin in late July and be complete by December, 2018.

Commerce Park and White Pillars Water Tower Maintenance- $1,150,000 has been budgeted for the maintenance of the 0.5 MG Commerce water tower and 1.0 MG White Pillars water tower in 2018, still contingent on approval of financing. The project will include repainting of the interior and exterior of the towers and other improvements.  The project has been awarded to Utility Service Co., Inc.  Construction is anticipated to begin the week of July 23 at the Commerce tank and begin in early September at the White Pillars tank.

Water Valve Installations in the Heights Subdivision- The City of Loveland has been notified that we are expected to be awarded a $65,000 Community Development Block Grant to install several Insert-Valves on the existing 6” diameter water mains in the Heights subdivision. The valves will help isolate smaller zones within the subdivision when there is a water main break being repaired. The purpose is to have fewer residents affected by reduced water pressure or water outages during water main break repairs in the subdivision.  The project has been awarded to Sunesis Construction.  Construction is anticipated to occur in August, with minor traffic and on-street parking restrictions.

Bike Trail Crossing Improvements– An ODOT Safety grant is funding an estimated $46,000 construction project to improve the two road crossings of the ODNR scenic trail in downtown Loveland. Existing signage and pavement markings regarding the crossing will be removed and replaced, as needed. Crosswalk warning signs with pedestrian-activated LED rectangular rapid flashing beacons will be installed at the crossings on both W. Loveland Ave. and on Broadway St. The project was awarded by ODOT in spring, 2018 to J. Ranck Electric, Inc.  Construction is anticipated to begin the week of July 30 and be completed August, 2018.

More Information

For more information about these projects and others in Loveland, contact Cindy Klopfenstein, PE, City Engineer, at 683-1050 by email.