Recycle Your Plastic Lids

Now you can recycle your plastic lids through Rumpke! Rumpke continues to invest heavily in our recycling programs to actively grow this line of business.

Most recently we improved our recycling infrastructure, and manufactures are complimenting our efforts with new ways to recycle a larger variety of materials. Today, I’m happy to inform you that we are adding a new material to our acceptable item list: plastic lids. We hope you will join us in communicating this information to our customers, and that you will adjust your own recycling habits to incorporate this material.

Plastic Bottle Lids

When sharing this update, please note some details. The lids must be attached to the plastic container. Ideally, we prefer the air be squeezed out of the container with the lid screwed back on the bottle. This ensures a more accurate material separation process.

Manufacturers like Signode and Mohawk Industries, that purchase our plastic bottles to create new products, have established ways to remove the lids from the containers and convert them into new items, such as plastic paint cans.

We list all the acceptable items on our Rumpke Recycling website. Again, please help us communicate this announcement and instructions to our customers.

If you have any questions about what can be accepted in Rumpke’s recycling program, please contact Education Specialist Anne Gray at 513-851-0122, ext. 7164.