Next Generation

2014 Student Government NightShaping Tomorrow's Leaders Today

The City of Loveland believes that a vital aspect of governing today is shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Over the years, the City has offered programs to foster interest in professional local government and to offer young adults experience in government.

Student Government Night

For more than thirty years, seniors from Loveland High School spend two meetings working closely with City Council and senior staff to learn how the City of Loveland works. Each spring, typically in April, some of the top students from Loveland High School are selected in a competitive process to spend two meetings learning how City Council works. Each student is then paired with a member of City Council or senior staff. The participating students spend one evening observing a typical City Council meeting. Then, between Council meetings, students meet individually with their City official counterpart to discuss their role, the upcoming meeting agenda, and the perspective of the City official. At the second Council meetings, students take the place of the Mayor, Council and senior staff and actually run the Council meeting.

Through this process, students are exposed to parliamentary procedure, legislative processes, the complexities of running a municipality, and politics. Since the students selected are from among the best and brightest of the Loveland community, this process provides the future leaders of Loveland and other communities a small glimpse into the rewards and challenges of public service.