Chestnut Street Property Remediation

As part of the state’s new Ohio Brownfield Remediation Program, the City of Loveland has received a $3.3 million grant for cleanup/remediation of the Chestnut Street Property.

The 8.33-acre Chestnut Street Property, which the city has owned since 1979, served as a sand and gravel quarry prior to 1932 but became a site for uncontrolled dumping. Past environmental studies, commissioned by the city, have discovered lead contamination in the soil and tetrachloroethylene (PCE) contamination in groundwater, along with significant amounts of other solid waste requiring disposal. 

Until now, remedial services to bring the site to a point of approval from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have been cost-prohibitive, limiting the city’s ability to sell the property to potential buyers or to pay for remediation to maintain for city use.

Chestnut Street Property

Project Updates

April 26, 2022     I     City Awarded Grant to Remediate Chestnut Street Property

June 6, 2022      I      Work Commences to Remediate Chestnut Street Property


Environmental Contractor: Patriot Engineering and Environmental Inc

City Contact: Cory Wright, Assistant City Manager, (513) 583-3020