West Loveland Nature Preserve

Hidden Creek

This 26.5-acre area consists of trails within a creek valley that sits behind homes between the Glen Lakes Subdivision and the Hidden Creek Subdivision. The preserve is a primarily wooded area with walking trails and picnic areas.

The preserve can be accessed from two locations in the Hidden Creek Subdivision, from the entrance at West Loveland Avenue, and from Glen Lake Road in the Glen Lake subdivision.

There is a trail that follows the creek. It runs between the creek and the houses on Glen Lake Road. There is a second trail that crosses the creek and leads to the picnic areas. 

This park was renamed in 2022 and formerly known as Hidden Creek.

Location: Entrance points for GPS directions:
Behind homes on west side of Glen Lake Road (Approx. 209 Glen Lake Road) 
Off West Loveland Avenue (Approx. 2006 W. Loveland Ave. just past Glen Lake Road).

West Loveland Nature Preserve Parking Lot

Parking: On-street parking within Glen Lakes subdivision. If accessed from West Loveland Avenue, there is a small asphalt parking lot.