Construction Projects

Annual Road Program – The annual road program contract with JK Meurer Corp. was renewed on January 12.  The 2022 budget included $1,200,000 for the road program.   The streets (or sections of streets) that will be included in this year's paving program include: Bonnie Heath Cir., Broadway St. (from SR 48 to Hanna Ave.), Caprice Ct., Colonial Dr., Cottonwood Dr., Countydown Ln. (from Brandywine Ln. to North Terminus), Hanna Ave., Harper Ave. (Overlay), Hawks Ridge Cir., Heartwood Ct., Highland Ave. (Widening), Isabella Ct., Laurel St. (Overlay), Oak St. (between Hanna & Cedar), Overlook Dr., Ramsey Ct., Rich Rd. (from W. Loveland Ave. to City Corp. limit), Sentry Hill Dr., SR 48 (from O'Bannon bridge to Northern City Corp. limit, though SR 48 paving is currently on hold due to proposed Duke Energy gas line work), Thomas Paxton Ct., Valley Forge Dr. (from Founders to Ramsey), Wall St. (from Ohio to bridge near Kiwanis Park), West Loveland Ave. (from Anniversary Park to Lebanon Rd.),  Wildwood Ct., Woodcrest Dr.  The project will include limited sections of curb replacements (where needed), partial to full depth repairs (where needed), milling the existing asphalt surface (except where overlay is noted), application of tack coat, paving 2" of asphalt surface course, edge sealing, and pavement markings (where present).  An asphalt overlay on Brecker Ln., Victory Ci., and Wilson Ave. will be contingent on the amount of remaining funds available after the above roadwork is complete.  The project began in late April, 2022 with limited curb replacements.  Roadway milling is scheduled to begin on June 27, 2022.  Roadway paving is scheduled to begin on June 30, 2022.

Chestnut Street Property Remediation - The city received a $3.3 million grant for cleanup/remediation of the 8.33-acre Chestnut Street Property, which has been a site for uncontrolled dumping. Site analysis work began in May 2022. 

GPS Emergency Vehicle Traffic Signal Pre-emption Units - The 2022 budget includes $35,000 to continue progress on its plan to outfit traffic signals with GPS pre-emption technology to improve the response time of its fire and emergency vehicles and reduce intersection accidents. Units will be installed at the following intersections: Loveland-Madeira / Highridge, Loveland-Madeira / Valleyview, Rich / Fallis. Click here to read more about this technology.

Harrison Avenue Widening Project - The city is pursuing funding for the widening of Harrison Ave. between Karl Brown Way and Railroad Ave. from 16'-20' existing width to 22' width.  The project includes realignment and relocation of Harrison Ave. between Railroad Ave. and First St. to the north by approximately 70', in preparation for a planned 270-space parking facility.  Additionally, the project will include the installation of 5' wide concrete sidewalks and curb along Harrison Avenue.  These improvements will positively impact safety along the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail which has been a concern of the city's first responders. The project will also include the installation of 15 catch basins, 320 LF of 12" storm sewer, 70 LF of 15" storm sewer, and 765 LF of 24" storm sewers, with a headwall and flap valve at the pipe outlet, improving drainage and safety in the area.  Completion of the Harrison Avenue Widening Project will allow for the city to proceed with implementing the Nisbet Park Master Plan and corresponding improvements. Other improvements include enhanced signage, pavement markings, restoration, and other incidentals.

Nisbet Park Gazebo - The 2022 budget includes $115,000 to install a gazebo in Nisbet Park, partially funded by a grant.  A local vendor is preparing a preliminary design and cost estimate through a national procurement contract.  Construction is anticipated to begin in Fall 2022.

Phillips Park Playground - The 2022 budget includes $60,000 to install a playground in Phillips Park to replace the one that required removal in 2021. The equipment is currently being manufactured and should be ready for installation in November 2022. Supply chain shortages have delayed the installation from September to November.

Public Works Facility - A new garage/office building is being constructed at the Public Works campus located along Loveland-Madeira Road. The facility is expected to be completed in Fall 2022. Click here for an overview article. Click here to watch a behind-the-scenes tour of the build.

Second Street/State Route 48 Improvement (Mobil Station) - The city, working in partnership with the Adams County Land Bank, took possession of the former Mobil Station site after the prior owner concluded fuel center and retail operations, thus clearing the way for the property to be transferred. With the cessation of fuel center activities on the site and the associated transfer of the property to the land bank, the city can now begin the process of completing the environmental inspections required to demolish the former fuel center, remove the existing underground storage tanks, pursuing additional funding to assist in remediating current known and unknown issues associated with the past fuel center use. To date on the site, asbestos testing work has been completed, which allows demolition efforts to proceed through the State of Ohio Demolition Grant program administered through Clermont County. Once testing results are confirmed, the county will then bid the demolition out as part of the grant process. Additionally, with the transfer of the property, the city authorized testing to determine if there are existing, undocumented petroleum releases associated with any active underground storage tanks on site. Once the site is remediated, a right turn lane will be added along SR 48 to improve traffic flow. 

W. Loveland Ave. Bridge Improvements - The City of Loveland and Hamilton County were recommended by the District to receive an OPWC grant for replacement of the sidewalk on the north side of the County's bridge, as well as railing/walls, and bridge abutments. The City is providing a local match for the additional cost to upgrade to decorative railing and potentially the light poles. The project construction is delayed due to private utility relocation work affecting the sidewalk. In July 2022, the north side of the bridge's sidewalk was paved with asphalt for pedestrian safety. 

2022 Completed Projects

Miamiview Culvert Replacement - The City of Loveland was awarded a $387,000 interest-free loan for a 20-year term from OPWC. The project included replacement of a concrete box culvert, headwalls, and wingwalls. The project also included extension of the dead-end roadway on (lower) Miamiview Drive to cross over the culvert and end with a T-type turn-around and paving. The project construction contract was awarded to JTM Smith Construction. Construction began in August 2021 and was completed in April 2022.

Matt Haverkamp Foundation Dog Park - The 2022 budget included $38,000 to install a dog park at the rear of Kiwanis Park. A grand opening ceremony for the park was held May 7, 2022. Learn the story behind the park name, and watch a video of the grand opening here.

Main & Chestnut Improvements - The City of Loveland received $1,132,900 of OPWC funding (50% as a grant, 50% as an interest-free loan) for this project. The scope of work included replacing the 4" cast iron water main, storm sewer improvements, and repaving on Main St., Chestnut St., S. Wall St., and Hill St. The project also included a complete replacement of the traffic signal at Wall St. and W. Loveland Ave., and upgrades to radar vehicular detection and GPS pre-emption there and at the traffic signal at Main St. and Loveland-Madeira Rd. Between October and the end of 2021, Ford Development Corporation completed water main installation, water service transfers, storm sewer improvements, and concrete repairs. From April through July 2022, traffic signal installation, paving, and sign installation work took place. 

Safety Center Parking Lot Expansion - JK Meurer Corp. was awarded the contract to expand the parking lots and create a new public entrance at the Safety Center.  Work was completed in August-September 2022.

Water Tower Cleaning -  The City of Loveland owns and maintains seven water storage tanks. The 2022 budget included $26,000 to clean the exteriors of three of the elevated water storage towers, those located at Union Cemetery Rd., Commerce Dr., and Lever Park. City Council awarded a contract to National Wash Authority dba Midwest Mobile Washers for the work. The tower at Commerce Dr. was cleaned on May 11. The Union-Cemetery Rd. tower was cleaned on May 12. The Lever Park tower was cleaned May 16.

More Information

For more information about these projects and others in Loveland, contact Cindy Klopfenstein, PE, CFM City Engineer, at 683-0150 or by email.